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FTI provides safety-related instrumentation for nuclear power plants in accordance with 10CFR50, Appendix B, and 10CFR21 requirements.  The specifications for this safety-related equipment impose stringent quality assurance, reliability, and equipment qualification requirements.


Since 1993, FTI has been a supplier of custom-designed, high-reliability control system hardware and engineering services for the nuclear power industry.  FTI has a dedicated staff of engineers, designers, technicians and support personnel. We have designed and fabricated numerous safety systems for the commercial nuclear power industry and service a number of third party systems.

Small Company Commitment

FTI is a systems engineering and specialty equipment company engaged in a wide variety of projects for its clients in the industrial sector.  Our size, breadth of experience and technical skills enable us to focus on our customers and satisfy every project need.  FTI clients are supported by our 15+ years of experience and our complete support facilities, including engineering, computer, documentation, publication, and fabrication capabilities.

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